128 Business Council Origin/Destination Transportation Survey

targeting Waltham, Lexington & Bedford

We are still accepting surveys!



  Should you be taking this survey?

Do you regularly travel within, into or out of Waltham, Lexington or Bedford? As long as the answer is “yes,” you should take this survey!

  Why another survey?

The purpose of this survey is to gather specific point-to-point trip data (i.e. from one specific address to another) about the places you go most frequently. All of the individual origin-destination pairs will then be aggregated to build a mode-specific real trip heat map of these communities.

For a transit service to be successful, there must be a sufficient number of riders starting and ending their trips along the same route. This might seem obvious, but most transportation surveys do not gather data at this level of specificity. Instead, town planners have to make inferences from more general preference information, supplemented by anecdotal requests.

Help us provide your community with this unusual & highly powerful data set in order to plan more successful, sustainable transit improvements.

  Is there a raffle?

We’re glad you asked! Ten (10) survey participants will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

  Want to request a paper copy of this survey?

You can request a paper copy of this survey by emailing LispethN@128bc.org. Please include your name and mailing address in the email. The survey will be sent to you with a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope.

  When will the survey close?

The short answer is: We wrapped up our main push for survey submissions on March 1, 2020, and we have begun analyzing the results. However, we are continuing to do survey outreach among populations and sub-populations from whom we have not received sufficient input, and we will continue to accept submissions from anyone who regularly travels within, into or out of Waltham, Lexington or Bedford until we have “filled in all of the gaps.”

  How is the survey going?

We set a goal for this survey to connect with a statistically significant number of participants in each of the three towns (which we’ve defined as achieving 95% confidence with 3% margin of error). Based upon the populations of Waltham, Lexington and Bedford, this means that we need to receive at least:

  • 1,374 complete trips made by folks commuting in/out of Lexington
  • 1,407 complete trips made by folks commuting in/out of Waltham
  • 1,325 complete trips made by folks commuting in/out of Bedford

As of March 1, 2020, we have received a total of 2,411 responses, including:

  • 1,749 trips within, into or out Lexington, which represents 127.29% of our goal.
  • 1,076 trips within, into or out Waltham, which represents 76.47% of our goal.
  • 1,021 trips within, into or out Bedford, which represents 77.06% of our goal.

  Can I see the final report produced by this survey?

Yes! After we have reached our participation goals and processed the results, our final report will be posted to this page. Also, all survey participants are given the option to have the final report emailed directly to them.

  Other questions?

Email LispethN@128bc.org.