of the industry through consulting, design & educational outreach


  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of routes, demographics and other statistical data—such as housing, income, origin & destination of employees & residents, etc.
  • Alternative transportation mapping, such as bicycle-route mapping and pedestrian-route mapping

Wayfinding & Design

  • Wayfinding research, design and installation for communities, universities, hospitals, multi-employer commercial developments, etc.
  • Bus, shelter, map and signage design, along with identity & branding development and print- & social media-based communication
  • Full-scope project planning from initial research through the identification of vendors and the negotiation of terms

Research & Analysis

  • Transportation research and analysis—such as reviewing pre-existing transportation utilization, traffic counts, sidewalks, and cost tolerance
  • Discovery research to help design best-use transportation programs for residents, tenants and/or employees

TDM Regulations

  • Transportation Demand Management regulation development
  • Drafting grant proposals for state or federal funding of transportation programs

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