Red Line Alert: Train service on the Red Line will be replaced with buses between Alewife and Kendall stations July 13 - July 28. More details regarding 128BC/Grid shuttle plans, MBTA replacement shuttle service, and alternative MBTA and bike route options can be found here.

Member Companies

TMA Member Benefits

 We offer real transportation solutions.

Real transportation solutions help your organization attract and retain employees, tenants and residents by freeing them from their dependency on single-occupancy vehicles—and, in doing so, giving them control over their time, productivity and stress-levels.

 We help you meet your organization’s permit requirements.

If you received permit-based requirements from the municipality in which you are located, we can work with you to better understand those requirements, gather data to help with both decision-making and any necessary reporting, identify partners to potentially reduce your costs and/or increase your impact, and work directly with the municipality on your behalf.

 We offer on-site & virtual commuter programming and services.

Current on-site and virtual programming options include shuttle orientations, route planning & mode shift counseling clinics, bike safety & maintenance events, and sustainability & alternative transportation challenges. We are also always excited about developing programming for newly-identified needs and goals.

 We promote all alternative transportation.

We offer your organization a range of resources to support alternative trips—including all of the programming described above, individual route-planning assistance, our Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program, and more. We are always looking for new ways to better equip your employees, tenants and residents for greener, healthier and less congested commutes.

 We are experts in transportation policy creation and analysis.

Our areas of expertise include industry-leading survey development & data collection methodology; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) plan development for equitable transportation access; Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Rideshare Regulation compliance; Clean Air Act compliance; Transportation Demand Management (TDM) regulation development; and all aspects of transportation service planning and operation.

 You get immediate access to all areas of our in-house expertise.

Our further areas of expertise include mapmaking (e.g. transit routing, the mapping of trip origin/desination data, and map-based demographic analysis), green building (LEED) certification, wayfinding & design, identity & branding development, all aspects of the public engagement process, and video-, print- & social media-based communication.

 We represent your interests locally and nationally.

We are involved in the leadership of numerous local & national agencies and organizations, and we coordinate on transportation-related issues with municipal & state authorities. This means that, through your TMA membership, your organization has a seat at the table whenever and wherever transportation policy is being created.

You get the benefit of our network.

Our colleagues include municipal leaders & government officials, chambers of commerce, planning & advocacy organizations, and transportation professionals across the public & private sectors. Our team also frequently presents at town halls, conferences, universities and industry events. When you work with us, you also get access to a whole network of people and ideas.

 We can help you connect with your community.

Our team is involved in the leadership of the national non-profit Youth Engagement Planning (YEP!) which brings urban planning and civic engagement education to youth in grades K-12+. If you are looking for impactful ways to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the community or communities in which you operate, we are always looking for new partners. Reach out to learn more.

 We can even improve your site’s alternative transportation infrastructure.

We can review your site’s current or planned shuttle or multimodal pickup/dropoff locations, commuter wayfinding, and bicycle infrastructure. Furthermore, TMA members receive an exclusive rate for any contracted consulting projects—infrastructure-related or otherwise.

Shuttle Costs

In addition to becoming a 128 Business Council Transportation Management Association (TMA) member, you can also participate in one or more of our shuttle services, which provide powerful transportation solutions to employees, tenants and residents.

While shuttle service is not included in TMA membership, it is only available to TMA members.

Our shared service model—in which we bring together partners with overlapping transportation needs to share the cost of a single route using a shared fleet—makes the most efficient use of our members’ resources and best demonstrates our members‘ commitment to their affiliates and to the communities around them. However, if you have a transportation need that cannot be met by joining a shared service (or creating a new shared service), we can also provide you with dedicated or express shuttles, or create an entirely different type of transportation service for you. If you would like to talk more about your options, please contact us.

Shuttle Member Benefits

 We take shuttle design seriously.

Very seriously. Think enhanced WiFi. Comfortable seats. USB ports. Custom shuttle wraps. Even hand-picked flooring. We look at every possible option and work personally with our vendors & the vehicle manufacturers to ensure that riders are getting the best possible commuting experience.

Your resources go further with shared services.

Going it alone with a single-destination shuttle can be extremely costly, limits possible amenities & service frequency and increases your organization’s carbon footprint. When you join one of our shared services, we identify partners with whom you can share costs and with whom you can share the benefit of a full fleet of vehicles. This means you can offer your riders a higher quality service with more departure options, all while keeping their trips as short as possible.

 Experienced professionals entirely plan & manage the service for you.

Designing & maintaining a successful shuttle service requires a lot more than just putting a vehicle on the road. Our team of credentialed professionals takes a data-driven approach to service planning & management—most of the data for which we produce in-house. We analyze existing transit connections, rider origin/destination information, ridership trends, road & traffic conditions, and more. Then we continuously reanalyze all of that data to adjust service whenever necessary.

 You can check ridership 24/7 using your custom Member Dashboard.

We are always here to help you get the information you need, but we also don’t want you to have to wait! All shuttle members are provided with a password-protected, organization-specific Member Dashboard where they can view, interact with & print monthly ridership data for all of their affiliated stops & routes. The Dashboard also features a portal for quickly registering your riders for reduced (member) fares, downloading educational documents, and more.

 Boarding is a breeze thanks to our contactless mobile ticketing.

Riders can pay their fare seamlessly as they board, either over bluetooth or using on-vehicle QR codes, through our custom-designed mobile rider app. And while all member-affiliated riders board at a reduced rate, you can also opt to pay your affiliates’ full fare for them; in this case, your riders still board using the mobile app (but without the need to provide a payment) and the app tracks every ride so you never pay for more trips than your riders actually take.

 We work hard to keep your riders informed.

Be it snow & ice, last-minute construction, a necessary schedule change or any other critical communication, we do everything we can to keep your riders in the loop. We connect with riders through opt-in route-specific email lists, mobile app notifications, website alerts, easy-to-navigate online help pages, dedicated homepages for every shuttle route, and live shuttle dispatch.

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