Mode Shift Challenge

What is a Mode Shift Challenge?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to getting out of your car and onto a more environmentally-friendly and congestion-reducing mode is the sheer convenience of being able to climb into a car and go.

Shifting to bike, walking or public transit requires planning ahead. Let us help you, your organization, or your community do the planning necessary to actually start changing your daily habits!

Participants in our Mode Shift Challenge program win prizes by shifting trips from car to bike, walking or public transit—including our shuttles.

Along the way, they are invited to consider the trips they take every week for mode shift possibilities, set goals, and reflect back on how to achieve even greater Mode Shift success in the future.

Most importantly, this program is designed to be maximally inclusive by not defining success on a numeral scale.

We know that not everyone’s life circumstances are the same, and thus prizes are not based upon the greatest number of converted trips or the highest mileage. Rather, we reward everyone who completes the exercise of planning, reflecting, and then trying again!

How Does It Work?

 Download and print our FREE Mode Shift workbook.

Don’t worry; it’s only a few pages long! Click here for an example from our May 2022 Challenge.

 Pick any week during the challenge period.

We know that your life is busy and complicated, so just look at the calendar and decide which week will work best for you.

 Plan out which trips to shift.

Sit down before the week begins and plan out which trips you are going to try to shift from car (including taxi or Uber/Lyft) to bike, walking or public transit—including our shuttles. Even during bike month, we want to support a multi-modal approach to reducing emissions & congestion. And remember that you can use a combination of non-car modes for a single trip!

 At the end of the week, reflect on how it went.

What was successful? What problems did you encounter? What might you do differently next time? The whole point of this exercise is to figure out what does and does not work for you so you can make real, lasting changes to your travel patterns in the future.

 Optional: Apply what you learned to a second week!

The workbook provides space so you can take what you learned the first week and try again. You don’t have to… but if you’re serious about changing the way you travel on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, we encourage you to make the extra effort!

 Submit your completed workbook to us by the deadline.

We don’t need your hardcopy workbook—in fact, we’d rather you keep it as a record for yourself! Please just email us a scan or clear photos of the grid on page 4 and the info box on page 6 (and also the grid on page 5 if you do the second week).

 Get prizes!

Every participant who submits their completed workbook to us will receive:

  • a certificate showing your estimated carbon reduction effected by the challenge!
  • small commemorative prizes.
  • entry into raffle!

Baystate Bike Month

Join us during the entire month of May while we create real change in our travel patterns!

As part of Bay State Bike Month, 128 Business Council opens this challenge to anyone affiliated with a 128 Business Council member company AND anyone who rides a 128 Business Council/The Grid shuttle service.

All participants receive commemorative prizes and entry into an end-of-challenge raffle. Past raffle prizes have included bike shop gift cards, credits for use on The Grid, preloaded CharlieCards, and bike tools, gear & accessories.

Check back in March 2023 for information about our next May Mode Shift Challenge!

What about the rest of the year?

We can sponsor an organization- or community-specific Mode Shift Challenge for your employees, tenants or residents—either during Bay State Bike Month or another time of year. Just contact us!