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Mode Shift Challenge

Accept the Mode Shift Challenge by logging trips through CommuteTrack


Accept the 128 Business Council Mode Shift Challenge by identifying trips that you usually take in a car and shifting these trips to biking, walking, or transit. Everyone who completes the challenge by logging at least two eligible trips will be entered into our raffle for your choice of digital gift cards!

In order to participate in the Challenge, you will need to:

  1. Set up an online CommuteTrack account.
  2. Join the Challenge and fill out the brief brainstorming survey.
  3. Log at least two bike, walk, or transit trips during the challenge period (May 13, 2024 – May 31, 2024). This can include shifting car trips to MBTA, The Grid, Lexpress, or other high-capacity train/bus/shuttle services. You can log trips online or through the CommuteTrack mobile app.
  4. Keep an eye on the Rewards menu within CommuteTrack to claim your raffle entry once you’ve completed your two eligible trips – and for the opportunity to earn bonus raffle entries!
  5. Raffle winners will be chosen on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

Each of these steps is described in detail below.

Register for CommuteTrack

Registering for CommuteTrack is easiest from a desktop computer, but you can also register from your mobile phone’s web browser.

  1. Navigate to the CommuteTrack page. Click the JOIN NOW! button under READY FOR A BETTER COMMUTE?.
  2. On the next screen, click REGISTER TO JOIN and follow the prompts. Note that your home address is only collected for the purpose of logging trips and is otherwise kept confidential.
  3. On the final screen, you can ignore the search box. (Your network, 128 Business Council, is already supplied.) Click “I agree to the terms…” and then REGISTER.
  4. You will then be sent a confirmation email from masscommute.support at rideamigos.com. Open this email and Confirm Your Account.

Join the Challenge

Joining the Challenge is easiest from a desktop computer, but you can also register from your mobile phone’s web browser.

  1. Navigate to the Mode Shift Challenge homepage. If you aren’t already logged into your account, you will need to do so. Then click the +JOIN button to accept the challenge.
  2. You will be invited to fill out a brief mode shift brainstorming survey. Completing this short survey is required for registration in the Challenge.
  3. After you submit your survey, you will be sent a confirmation email from masscommute.support at rideamigos.com.

Log Online

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and scroll down to LOG YOUR TRIPS.
  2. Select the day(s) you traveled. The online dashboard defaults to selecting the current day, so you’ll need to unselect it if you’re logging a prior day. Selected days are blue.
  3. Enter your trip information. If you haven’t yet favorited any trips, you’ll need to select “Click Here to Enter Custom Locations.”
  4. Provide your departure and return times. The online dashboard defaults to treating all travel as round-trip. If this was a one-way trip, click “No Return Trip.”
  5. Select your “Mode of Travel,” and then click the green LOG button at the bottom. (The one-way distance will be calculated automatically if you provide your starting location and destination. You can also ignore the “additional modes” and “type of trip” boxes.)

Watch a video explanation here.

Log In-App

Download the app.

Download CommuteTrack for Android devices.

Download CommuteTrack for Apple devices.

Or search your App Store for “Commute Tracker by RideAmigos.”


Connect your app to your online account.

  1. Open the app and click GET STARTED. You’ll be asked for your “Connect PIN.”
  2. To find your “Connect PIN,” navigate to your Dashboard from a web browser and look for the box that says TRACK YOUR TRIPS WITH THE COMMUTE TRACKER.
  3. Click GET CONNECTED. A pop-up window will display the email address with which you registered and your PIN.
  4. On your phone, click YES, LET’S GO! and then enter the email and PIN you just located.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your mobile app set-up.


Log trips.

  1. Select COMMUTES from the bottom menu and then click the plus sign (+) sign at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your trip information. Unlike the online dashboard, trips entered manually into the mobile app are treated as one-way.

Watch a video explanation here, which also includes an explanation of the app’s automatically-detected trips function.

Claim Raffle Tickets

Everyone who completes at least TWO (2) walking, biking, or transit trips May 13-31, 2024 is eligible for one entry into our Mode Shift Challenge Raffle. There will also be opportunities to earn additional raffle tickets by completing optional challenges, e.g. completing five walking trips during the challenge period. Raffle winners will be chosen Tuesday, June 4, 2024, and will be able to select a digital gift card of their choice.

To claim your raffle tickets, keep an eye on the Rewards section of CommuteTrack.

In the mobile app, select PROGRAMS from the bottom menu and then REWARDS at the top to view all of the possible raffle ticket opportunities. As soon as you have logged the relevant trips, that reward will turn green. When this happens, select that reward and then click CLAIM REWARD.

Online, either scroll down to MY REWARDS from the Dashboard or navigate to PROGRAMS > REWARDS from the top menu. As soon as you have logged the relevant trips to claim that reward, a green button will appear that says CLAIM INCENTIVE.