Holiday Service Alert: 128 Business Council shuttles WILL NOT OPERATE on Memorial Day (Monday, May 28, 2018).

Waltham Route B

Connecting Waltham Center to the Winter Street West area of Waltham


Waltham Route B Schedule

Effective Date 05-14-2018

This shuttle operates Monday - Friday only.
All arrival times are approximate. Please arrive at stop at least 5 minutes before listed time.

Waltham Center (10 Carter St)
Bay Colony Corporate Center (1100 Winter St)
Bay Colony Corporate Center (1100 Winter St)
Waltham Center (10 Carter St)
BUS NUMBER139139139
Waltham Center10 Carter StPickup Location7:208:209:20
Alkermes, Inc21 Hickory Dr7:318:319:31
Aberdeen Group60 Hickory Dr7:328:329:32
Sanofi153 Second Ave7:348:349:34
National Grid40 Sylvan Rd7:368:369:36
AstraZeneca35 Gatehouse Dr7:388:389:38
Alkermes, Inc852 Winter St7:408:409:40
Immunogen830 Winter St7:418:419:41
Bay Colony Corporate Center950 Winter St7:468:469:45
Bay Colony Corporate Center1000 Winter St7:478:479:46
Bay Colony Corporate Center1050 Winter St7:488:489:47
Bay Colony Corporate Center1100 Winter St7:508:509:48


BUS NUMBER139409139409139
Bay Colony Corporate Center1100 Winter St3:404:285:006:056:45
Bay Colony Corporate Center1050 Winter St3:414:295:016:066:46
Bay Colony Corporate Center1000 Winter St3:424:305:026:076:47
Bay Colony Corporate Center950 Winter St3:434:315:036:086:48
Alkermes, Inc852 Winter St3:474:355:086:136:53
Immunogen830 Winter St3:484:365:096:146:54
AstraZeneca35 Gatehouse Dr3:524:395:126:166:56
National Grid40 Sylvan Rd3:564:435:166:206:58
Sanofi153 Second Ave3:594:485:196:247:01
Alkermes, Inc21 Hickory Dr4:024:505:226:267:03
Aberdeen Group60 Hickory Dr4:034:515:236:277:04
Waltham Center10 Carter StPickup Location4:155:055:406:387:15

Fares, Tickets & Policies

Member Fare $2.00  per trip
Non-Member Fare $3.00 per trip

For a complete account of the shuttle rider policies relevant to Waltham Route B, see our 2017 Waltham Route B Shuttle Rider Policy.

Waltham MEMBER 10-Ride Ticket

Waltham NON-MEMBER 10-Ride Ticket

Station Pickup Location

Waltham Center Pickup Location 128BC

Service Area Map

View Waltham Route B in full screen. For more info on how to interact with this map, and to see the entire 128BC shuttle system, click here.

Paratransit Service

Individuals with paratransit needs in the Metro-Boston area may be eligible to use THE RIDE, a door-to-door, shared-ride transportation service operated by the MBTA for those who cannot use fixed-route transit due to physical, mental, or cognitive disability. Please visit the MBTA Accessibility site for more details regarding the MBTA’s accessibility guides and services.

If you require paratransit services beyond the service region of  THE RIDE, please visit the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) site for more details regarding providers throughout the state.

128BC’s Nondiscrimination Policy

128 Business Council abides by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based upon race, color or national origin.

To read more about our Title VI nondiscrimination policy or to file a complaint regarding an alleged violation of nondiscrimination obligations, click here. Any such complaint should be made in writing and filed with 128 Business Council’s Title VI Program Manager within 180 days of the date of the occurrence.

You are also welcome to contact us directly if you have questions about our policies or would like to discuss an occurrence. Please ask for our Title VI Program Manager.