REV Bus – Hartwell Area

Connecting Alewife Station to the Hartwell Avenue area of Lexington


REV Bus – Hartwell Area Schedule

Schedule Effective Date: 05-03-2021

All 128BC/The Grid services are currently fare-free.
This shuttle operates Monday-Friday only.
All times are approximate. Arrive 5+ minutes early.
For an accessible (lift-equipped) bus, contact us 24+ hours in advance.

Alewife Station
420/430 Bedford Rd (Boston Properties)
40 Wiggins Ave (Patriots Park)
Alewife Station
Depart Alewife StationPickup Location7:058:35
Arrive 101 Hartwell AveKing Street Properties7:198:49
Arrive 91 Hartwell AveLincoln Property Company7:208:50
Arrive 44 Hartwell AveAlexandria RE Equities7:228:52
Arrive 32 Hartwell AveBoston Properties7:238:53
Arrive 29/35 Hartwell AveAlexandria RE Equities7:258:55
Arrive 45 Hartwell AveThermo Fisher Scientific7:268:56
Arrive Preston CourtAlexandria RE Equities7:298:59
Arrive 40 Wiggins AvePatriots Park7:309:00
Arrive 420/430 Bedford RdBoston Properties7:349:04


Depart 40 Wiggins AvePatriots Park4:105:50
Depart Preston CourtAlexandria RE Equities4:115:51
Depart 29/35 Hartwell AveAlexandria RE Equities4:155:55
Depart 45 Hartwell AveThermo Fisher Scientific4:165:56
Depart 91 Hartwell AveLincoln Property Company4:185:58
Depart 101 Hartwell AveKing Street Properties4:195:59
Depart 44 Hartwell AveAlexandria RE Equities4:216:01
Depart 32 Hartwell AveBoston Properties4:226:02
Depart 420/430 Bedford RdBoston Properties4:256:05
Arrive Alewife Station4:456:25

Station Pickup Location

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Location of PRIMARY versus SECONDARY waiting areas on the ground level


Service Area Map

All of the stops currently served by REV Bus – Hartwell Area Shuttle are shown in green below.
Click on any stop icon for address, member company, and route information.