Alewife Route C

Connecting Alewife Station to the Winter Street area of Waltham, east of Gatehouse Drive


Alewife Route C Schedule

Schedule Effective Date: 01-17-2022

Follow protocols below.
This shuttle operates Monday-Friday only.
All times are approximate. Arrive 5+ minutes early.
For an accessible (lift-equipped) bus, contact us 24+ hours in advance.

Alewife Station
360 Second Ave (Boston Dynamics)
35 Gatehouse Dr (AstraZeneca)
Alewife Station
BUS NUMBER001002003004005006007
Depart Alewife StationPickup Location6:307:157:458:158:459:2010:00
Arrive 35 Gatehouse DrAstraZeneca6:477:338:058:339:029:3710:16
Arrive 200 West StBoston Properties6:507:368:088:369:059:4010:19
Arrive 153 Second AveSanofi6:547:408:128:409:099:4410:23
Arrive 225 Second AveSanofi6:557:418:138:419:109:4510:24
Arrive 275 Second AveAlexandria RE Equities6:577:438:158:439:129:4710:26
Arrive 360 Second AveBoston Dynamics6:597:458:178:459:149:4910:28


BUS NUMBER001002003004005006007
Depart 35 Gatehouse DrAstraZeneca3:404:205:005:306:106:507:20
Depart 200 West StBoston Properties3:434:235:035:336:136:537:23
Depart 153 Second AveSanofi3:474:275:075:376:176:577:27
Depart 225 Second AveSanofi3:484:285:085:386:186:587:28
Depart 360 Second AveBoston Dynamics3:504:305:105:406:207:007:30
Depart 266 Second AveAlexandria RE Equities3:524:325:125:426:227:027:32
Arrive Alewife Station4:124:525:346:026:427:227:49

Fares & Tickets

Find everything you need to know about paying & boarding using our rider app here.

Single ride full price in app or exact cash $5
10-ride pass full price only available in app $50
20-ride pass full price only available in app $100
40-ride pass full price only available in app $200
Single ride reduced (member) price only available in app $2.75
10-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $25
20-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $50
40-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $100

Rider Protocols

If you are ill, still stay home. Your driver cannot offer a seat on the shuttle to anyone clearly displaying COVID-19 or other contagious disease symptoms.
Still wear a mask to protect those around you, per FTA/CDC mandate. You must wear a mask even if you feel healthy and even if you are vaccinated. (Read more about why here and here.)
Still make sure your mask fits properly. Your mask should fit snugly over the bridge of your nose and extend down under your chin, covering your mouth & nose completely.
Common mask mistakes include wearing your mask below your nose, hanging your mask around your neck, and wearing your mask too loosely.
Still do not eat or drink in waiting areas or on the shuttle. Eating or drinking would compromise your mask.
Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the door. Once the driver opens the door, approach the bus one at a time, and exercise patience to avoid crowding.
Still minimize conversation in waiting areas and on the shuttle. Talking less, talking more quietly, or not talking at all limit the production of the droplets & aerosols that spread the virus. (Read more about this here and here.)
Do not tamper with cracked windows. Some windows must remain cracked at all times for ventilation.

Additional rider policies & procedures are provided here, as well as on the second page of the printable schedule PDF found at the top of every schedule page. (If you’re on desktop, just click the printer icon.)

Station Pickup Location

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Location of Stop #1 and Stop #2 on ground level


Service Area Map

All of the stops currently served by Alewife Route C are shown in green below.
Click on any stop icon for address, member company, and route information.