Alewife Route B

Connecting Alewife Station to the Prospect Hill/CityPoint area of Waltham


Alewife Route B Schedule

Schedule Effective Date: 08-16-2021

Follow protocols below.
This shuttle operates Monday-Friday only.
All times are approximate. Arrive 5+ minutes early.
For an accessible (lift-equipped) bus, contact us 24+ hours in advance.

Alewife Station
265 Winter St (Edenred)
230 Third Ave (BXP-230 CityPoint)
Alewife Station
BUS NUMBER001002003004005006
Depart Alewife StationPickup Location6:507:358:108:509:3010:05
Arrive 168 Third AveThermo Fisher Scientific7:047:508:259:059:4510:19
Arrive 77 Fourth AveBXP-77 CityPoint7:067:528:279:079:4710:21
Arrive 230 Third AveBXP-230 CityPoint7:097:558:309:109:5010:24
Arrive 78 Fourth AveVicarious Surgical7:117:578:329:129:5210:26
Arrive 480/500 Totten Pond RdBXP-10/20 CityPoint7:148:008:359:159:5510:29
Arrive 265 Winter StEdenred7:178:038:389:189:5810:32


BUS NUMBER001002003004005
Depart 230 Third AveBXP-230 CityPoint3:504:455:306:157:00
Depart 77 Fourth AveBXP-77 CityPoint3:534:485:336:187:03
Depart 78 Fourth AveVicarious Surgical3:544:495:346:197:04
Depart 168 Third AveThermo Fisher Scientific3:564:515:366:217:06
Depart 480/500 Totten Pond RdBXP-10/20 CityPoint3:594:545:396:247:09
Depart 265 Winter StEdenred4:034:585:436:287:13
Arrive Alewife Station4:205:166:016:467:29

COVID-19 Protocols

More information regarding rider protocols, policies & procedures is provided here and here. The document below has an effective date of August 16, 2021.

Fares & Tickets

This route is currently operating fare-free.

However, we are in the process of resuming fare collection alongside the rollout of mobile ticketing across our system. Be sure to sign up for your route’s email list to receive updates. If you would like to be ready ahead of time, be sure to download and set up our mobile rider app!

Station Pickup Location

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Location of Stop #1 and Stop #2 on ground level


Service Area Map

All of the stops currently served by Alewife Route B are shown in green below.
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