Alewife Route A South

Connecting Alewife Station to the Trapelo Rd/Wyman St area of north Waltham


Alewife Route A South Schedule

Schedule Effective Date: 05-03-2021

Currently operating as a combined Alewife Route A/B.
All 128BC/The Grid services are currently fare-free.
This shuttle operates Monday-Friday only.
All times are approximate. Arrive 5+ minutes early.
For an accessible (lift-equipped) bus, contact us 24+ hours in advance.
On-demand stops marked with an asterisk(*).
Call 781-890-0093x1 by 3 P.M. to request pickup.

Alewife Station
265 Winter St (Edenred)
168 Third Ave (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Alewife Station
BUS NUMBER001002003004005
Depart Alewife StationPickup Location6:557:458:159:059:45
Arrive 33 Hayden AveDicerna7:037:538:239:139:53
Arrive 55/65/75 Hayden AveTakeda/King St Properties7:057:558:259:159:55
Arrive 95 Hayden AveTakeda7:077:578:279:179:57
Arrive 125 Spring StTakeda7:087:588:289:189:58
Arrive 500 Shire WayTakeda7:108:008:309:2010:00
Arrive 300 Shire WayTakeda7:118:018:319:2110:01
Arrive 200 Smith StPOST7:138:038:339:2310:03
Arrive 1601 Trapelo RdReservoir Place7:178:078:379:2710:07
Arrive 404 Wyman StHobbs Brook Office Park7:218:118:419:3110:11
Arrive 303 Wyman StHobbs Brook Office Park7:238:138:439:3310:13
Arrive 590 Lincoln StHobbs Brook Office Park7:248:148:449:3410:14
Arrive 275 Wyman StCimpress7:258:158:459:3510:15
Arrive 168 Third AveThermo Fisher Scientific7:288:188:489:3810:18
Arrive 77 Fourth AveBoston Properties-77 CityPoint7:298:198:499:3910:19
Arrive 230 Third AveBoston Properties-230 CityPoint7:308:208:509:4010:20
Arrive 480/500 Totten Pond RdBoston Properties-10/20 CityPoint7:338:238:539:4310:23
Arrive 265 Winter StEdenred7:368:268:569:4510:26


BUS NUMBER001002003004
Depart 168 Third AveThermo Fisher Scientific4:004:455:306:15
Depart 77 Fourth AveBoston Properties-77 CityPoint4:024:475:326:17
Depart 230 Third AveBoston Properties-230 CityPoint4:044:495:346:19
Depart 480/500 Totten Pond RdBoston Properties-10/20 CityPoint4:074:525:376:22
Depart 265 Winter StEdenred4:104:555:406:25
Depart 275 Wyman StCimpress****
Depart 590 Lincoln StHobbs Brook Office Park4:134:585:436:28
Depart 303 Wyman StHobbs Brook Office Park4:144:595:446:29
Depart 404 Wyman StHobbs Brook Office Park4:175:025:476:32
Depart 1601 Trapelo RdReservoir Place4:215:065:516:36
Depart 200 Smith StPOST4:245:095:546:39
Depart 500 Shire WayTakeda****
Depart 300 Shire WayTakeda4:275:125:576:42
Depart 125 Spring StTakeda****
Depart 95 Hayden AveTakeda4:295:145:596:44
Depart 55/65/75 Hayden AveTakeda/King St Properties4:325:176:026:47
Depart 33 Hayden AveDicerna4:345:196:046:49
Arrive Alewife Station4:465:316:166:59

Station Pickup Location

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Location of PRIMARY versus SECONDARY waiting areas on the ground level


Service Area Map

All of the stops currently served by Alewife Route A-South are shown in green below.
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