Alewife Route A North

Connecting Alewife Station to the Hayden Ave/Spring St area of south Lexington/north Waltham


Alewife Route A North Schedule

Schedule Effective Date: 01-17-2022

Follow protocols below.
This shuttle operates Monday-Friday only.
All times are approximate. Arrive 5+ minutes early.
For an accessible (lift-equipped) bus, contact us 24+ hours in advance.

Alewife Station
200 Smith St (POST)
200 Smith St (POST)
Alewife Station
BUS NUMBER001002003004005006
Depart Alewife StationPickup Location6:207:007:408:209:009:45
Arrive 55/65/75 Hayden AveTakeda/King St Properties6:327:147:558:359:149:58
Arrive 92 Hayden AveInnosight6:347:167:578:389:1610:00
Arrive 95 Hayden AveTakeda6:357:177:588:399:1710:01
Arrive 125 Spring StTakeda6:367:187:598:419:1810:02
Arrive 500 Shire WayTakeda6:387:208:018:439:2010:04
Arrive 300 Shire WayTakeda6:397:218:028:449:2110:05
Arrive 200 Smith StPOST6:417:238:048:479:2310:07


BUS NUMBER001002003004005006
Depart 200 Smith StPOST4:004:405:206:006:407:20
Depart 500 Shire WayTakeda4:034:435:236:036:437:23
Depart 300 Shire WayTakeda4:044:445:246:046:447:24
Depart 125 Spring StTakeda4:064:465:266:066:467:26
Depart 95 Hayden AveTakeda4:094:495:296:096:497:29
Depart 92 Hayden AveInnosight4:114:515:316:116:517:31
Depart 55/65/75 Hayden AveTakeda/King St Properties4:144:545:346:146:547:34
Arrive Alewife Station4:275:065:466:267:057:44

Fares & Tickets

Find everything you need to know about paying & boarding using our rider app here.

Single ride full price in app or exact cash $5
10-ride pass full price only available in app $50
20-ride pass full price only available in app $100
40-ride pass full price only available in app $200
Single ride reduced (member) price only available in app $2.75
10-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $25
20-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $50
40-ride pass reduced (member) price only available in app $100

Policies & Procedures

Contact us 24+ hours in advance if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Stay home if you are sick for the sake of everyone’s health and wellbeing. Public transit is, by its nature, a shared space.

Unless required by current federal or state mandate, masks are not required but are strongly encouraged. Please be respectful of others’ mask choices.

Arrive at your shuttle stop 5+ minutes before the scheduled departure time. Give yourself plenty of time so that you don’t have to rush. Shuttles will not wait for late riders.

Double-check your approaching shuttle’s destination sign before attempting to board.

Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the door. Once the driver opens the door, approach the bus one at a time, and exercise patience to avoid crowding.

Quickly and safely take a seat after informing the driver of your destination.

Do not put personal belongings on seats when those seats are needed by fellow riders.

Do not adjust marked vent windows. These should remain cracked for ventilation.

Use headphones when listening to audio.

Minimize conversations on the shuttle and in shuttle waiting areas, especially over your mobile phone. Riders around you may wish to work or engage in other quiet activities.

Do not eat on the shuttle.

Do not use foul language. Foul language and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in permanent loss of shuttle privileges.

Do not bring pets. Only registered services animals are allowed due to space and allergy concerns.

Treat the driver and other passengers with courtesy and respect.

Station Pickup Location

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area

Navigating from underground Red Line exit point to ground-level shuttle pickup area


Service Area Map

All of the stops currently served by Alewife Route A-North are shown in green below.
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