Rider Policies & Procedures

   Contact us 24+ hours in advance if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

   Stay home if you are sick for the sake of everyone’s health & wellbeing.

   Arrive at your shuttle stop 5+ minutes before the scheduled departure time. Shuttles will not wait for late riders.

  Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the door. When the driver opens the door, approach the bus one at a time and inform the driver of your destination.

   Do not put personal belongings on seats when those seats are needed by fellow riders.

   Do not adjust marked vent windows. These should remain cracked for ventilation.

   Minimize conversations on the shuttle, and use headphones when listening to audio.

   Do not eat on the shuttle.

   Do not use foul language.

   Do not bring pets. Only services animals are allowed on the shuttle due to space & allergy concerns.

   Treat the driver & other passengers with courtesy & respect, especially in regard to others’ mask choices.