128BC/The Grid Shuttles will NOT operate on Memorial Day (Mon 5/27/24). View our complete holiday service schedule.

Log Online

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and scroll down to LOG YOUR TRIPS.
  2. Select the day(s) you traveled. The online dashboard defaults to selecting the current day, so you’ll need to unselect it if you’re logging a prior day. Selected days are blue.
  3. Enter your trip information. If you haven’t yet favorited any trips, you’ll need to select “Click Here to Enter Custom Locations.”
  4. Provide your departure and return times. The online dashboard defaults to treating all travel as round-trip. If this was a one-way trip, click “No Return Trip.”
  5. Select your “Mode of Travel,” and then click the green LOG button at the bottom. (The one-way distance will be calculated automatically if you provide your starting location and destination. You can also ignore the “additional modes” and “type of trip” boxes.)

Watch a video explanation here.