128BC/The Grid Shuttles will NOT operate on Memorial Day (Mon 5/27/24). View our complete holiday service schedule.

Shuttle Costs

In addition to becoming a 128 Business Council Transportation Management Association (TMA) member, you can also participate in one or more of our shuttle services, which provide powerful transportation solutions to employees, tenants and residents.

While shuttle service is not included in TMA membership, it is only available to TMA members.

Our shared service model—in which we bring together partners with overlapping transportation needs to share the cost of a single route using a shared fleet—makes the most efficient use of our members’ resources and best demonstrates our members‘ commitment to their affiliates and to the communities around them. However, if you have a transportation need that cannot be met by joining a shared service (or creating a new shared service), we can also provide you with dedicated or express shuttles, or create an entirely different type of transportation service for you. If you would like to talk more about your options, please contact us.