Membership Benefits

 We offer real transportation solutions.

Real transportation solutions help your organization attract and retain employees, tenants and residents by freeing them from their dependency on single-occupancy vehicles—and, in doing so, giving them control over their time, productivity and stress-level.

 We take shuttle design seriously.

Very seriously. Think enhanced WiFi. Comfortable seats. USB ports. Custom branded shuttle wraps. Even hand-picked flooring. We look at every possible option and work personally with our vendors & the vehicle manufacturers to ensure that your riders are getting the best possible commuting experience.

 We keep your riders informed.

Your riders benefit from mobile-friendly, route-specific shuttle pages where they can view maps & schedules, buy tickets and more; real-time shuttle tracking; live traffic cameras; email, rider app & web-based alerts; and live dispatch.

 We promote all alternative transportation.

We offer your organization a range of resources to support alternative trips—from individual transportation & route planning assistance… to Emergency Ride Home (ERH)… to commuter incentive programs… to on-site bicycle repair clinics and other biking resources. We are always looking for new ways to better equip your employees, tenants and residents for greener, healthier and less congested commutes.

 You get immediate access to our in-house expertise.

We can help you with much more than just shuttles. Our areas of expertise also include commuter surveying & other forms of data collection, mapmaking, green building (LEED), wayfinding & design, DEP Rideshare Regulation compliance, Clean Air Act compliance, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) regulation development, and more.

You get the benefit of our network.

We are actively involved with outreach to our members, local community groups and other stakeholder associations. We also coordinate on many issues with municipal and state authorities, as well as frequently presenting at town halls, conferences and universities—locally and nationally. When you work with us, you also get access to a whole network of people and ideas.