Rider Registration Temp Hold

This section is currently undergoing updates. Once the updates go live, you will be able to add affiliates to your approved rider list—thereby qualifying them for the reduced (member) shuttle fare that your membership provides—simply by entering them into this list. This system replaces the old Shuttle ID Card distribution system,* meaning that you no longer need to keep track of physical ID cards, tickets, or passes. Instead, riders can pay or show their free pass directly through the mobile app that they have already been using to plan trips and track their shuttles. And when the new year comes around, you won’t need to re-distribute new materials to the same riders; instead, you will be able to quickly re-approve those riders right here.

*The only exception to this is the Vox on Two route, which will continue to use Shuttle ID Cards for the foreseeable future. 

Until updates are complete, please contact us directly about approving new riders.