FREE-FARE MONDAY!!! As a thank you for your cooperation and patience as all of our service improvements roll out, everyone rides free today, 7/23! Don't forget to check your route for service improvement reminders - incl. new schedules for many routes. Find more info here.

Have you heard about THE GRID?

Major improvements to every aspect of your shuttle service are rolling up to your stop on July 23, 2018.

What is THE GRID?

Images of New Fleet

THE GRID is a new fleet offering a whole new rider experience! Here are a few of the things you can look forward to on July 23rd:

  A Unified Look

Spot the green from a mile away!

  Digital Destination Signs

Never look for a bus number again! Bright LED signs will now tell you whether you’re boarding the right bus.

  Upgraded Interior

More comfortable seats. Under-seat USB ports. Better lighting. Wood flooring.

  Bike Racks

You’ve been asking for them! All sixteen new shuttles are equipped with bike racks. Planning on using this feature? Check out the instructions ahead of time.

  Improved Accessibility

More of our vehicles are now equipped with wheelchair lifts. Need to make an accessible trip? Contact us at least 24 hours ahead of time to make sure one of our accessible vehicles is available for your trip.

Scroll down to learn more about schedule improvements and the new rider app

New Rider App

You now have access to a new Rider App (made by Tripshot), which will allow you to plan your trip, track your shuttle, and receive alerts specific to your route and preferred departures as push notifications and/or text messages.

Over the next few months, we will be shifting away from using Twitter for real-time updates—which means that you will no longer have to scroll through our Twitter feed to find the notifications that are applicable to your shuttle. Instead, you will only receive the notifications that you actually need, texted or pushed directly to you.

We will also continue to communicate with you through email and through the Updates & Alerts box on your shuttle’s dedicated page.

What hasn’t changed?

  Your Shuttle ID

If you ride with a shuttle member ID card and/or sticker now, you’ll keep using your same card and/or sticker until the end of the calendar year.

  Your Fares

Despite all of the improvements, we aren’t increasing your fares this year.

  Your 10-Ride Tickets

Your tickets are still valid, and you can keep using the tickets you already have.

  How to Buy Your Tickets

You can still purchase your tickets from the driver or via PayPal from your shuttle’s schedule page. (And REV Bus riders can continue to use the Bus+ Mobile Ticketing app.) Stay tuned, though, because we will be adding convenient payment features to the new rider app soon.

  Your Rider Responsibility Program

We still have your back when you forget your shuttle ID, or don’t have change for that $20 bill – just like we do now!

  Your Wifi Access

We are continuing to offer free Wifi onboard our shuttles. Just look for updated Wifi access info when you board one of the new shuttles!

  You’re still on the same route.

If you ride Alewife Route A, then you’re still on Alewife Route A. Now you’re just looking for a bright green bus with your route’s name on its bright LED sign.

  There are *NO* schedule changes to the following routes:

Waltham Route A
Waltham Route B

  Finally and most importantly, how you contact us hasn’t changed.