Policies & Procedures

Effective Date: November 1, 2018 

The following applies to all 128 Business Council shuttles. Please check your specific shuttle route’s dedicated webpage for any route-specific policies or exceptions. If you have any questions about these policies & procedures, please contact us.

  Do arrive at your shuttle stop 5+ minutes before the scheduled departure time. All scheduled pick-up times are approximate, and shuttles will not wait for late riders.
  Do have your exact fare, ticket, ID, and/or sticker ready to show the driver (as applicable).
  Do tell the driver if you forgot any of the above.
  Do inform your driver of your destination when boarding in the morning. The shuttle will only make necessary stops in the morning. Therefore, morning arrival times are approximate, and also depend upon traffic and weather conditions. In most cases, resulting arrival times will be slightly earlier than shown on the timetable.
  Do quickly and safely take a seat after you have displayed your ID card, sticker and/or paid your fare.
  Do contact us 24+ hours in advance if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.
  Do treat the driver and other passengers with courtesy and respect.
  Don’t use foul language. Foul language and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in permanent loss of shuttle privileges.
  Don’t bring pets. Only registered services animals are allowed due to space and allergy concerns.
  Don’t be late. Plan to arrive at your boarding stop 5+ minutes before the scheduled departure.
  Don’t listen to audio without headphones.
  Don’t put personal belongings on seats when those seats are needed by fellow riders.