What is a Mode Shift Challenge?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to getting out of your car and onto a more environmentally-friendly and congestion-reducing mode is the sheer convenience of being able to climb into a car and go.

Shifting to bike, walking or public transit requires planning ahead. Let us help you, your organization, or your community do the planning necessary to actually start changing your daily habits!

Participants in our Mode Shift Challenge program win prizes by shifting trips from car to bike, walking or public transit—including our shuttles.

Along the way, they are invited to consider the trips they take every week for mode shift possibilities, set goals, and reflect back on how to achieve even greater Mode Shift success in the future.

Most importantly, this program is designed to be maximally inclusive by not defining success on a numeral scale.

We know that not everyone’s life circumstances are the same, and thus prizes are not based upon the greatest number of converted trips or the highest mileage. Rather, we reward everyone who completes the exercise of planning, reflecting, and then trying again!