Shuttle Passes

Shuttle Passes

Purchase 128 Business Council Shuttle Passes via PayPal

128 Business Council offers you the option of purchasing a 10-Ride Shuttle Pass. Member and Non-Member passes are priced differently, so be sure you are purchasing the correct pass.

Your 10-Ride Shuttle Pass will be mailed to your confirmed address within the United States. If you are shipping to an address that is different from your billing account, we will contact you to verify the information.

The pass should arrive within 5-7 business days. If your pass does not arrive within 7 business days, please email us at and include your PayPal confirmation number.


In the “Add special instructions to the seller” field, please provide us with your work email address. This information will not be collected. Your work email address will be used to confirm that you are employed at a member location. 

PayPal enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. When you select the “Buy Now” button, you will go to a PayPal payment request link for you to make your payment on PayPal’s website. If you want to add additional tickets or passes, you may “Continue Shopping” at which time you will be redirected back to the 128 Business Council website.

You are eligible to purchase a 10-Ride Shuttle Pass at the 128 Business Council Member rate if you are an employee or tenant of one of the below locations.


  • Acorda Therapeutics – 283 Bear Hill Road, Waltham
  • Innosight – 92 Hayden Avenue, Lexington
  • Cadmus Group – 100 Fifth Avenue, Waltham
  • Genzyme – 153 Second Avenue, Waltham
  • Astra Zeneca – 35 Gatehouse Drive, Waltham
  • Massachusetts Medical Society – 860 Winter Street, Waltham
  • Yotta, Inc – 100 Fifth Avenue, Waltham


  • Boston Properties Reservoir Place – 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham
  • Hobbs Brook Office Park – 225, 235, 275, 303, 404 Wyman Street, Waltham
  • Hobbs Brook Office Park – 590 & 610 Lincoln Street, Waltham
  • Boston Properties City Point – 77 Fourth Avenue, Waltham
  • Boston Properties City Point – 230 Third Avenue, Waltham
  • Boston Properties City Point – 500 Totten Pond Road, Waltham
  • Boston Properties – 200 West Street, Waltham
  • Davis Marcus Partners – 40 Sylvan Road (National Grid Employees only) and 850/852/930/940/950 Winter Street, Waltham
  • Boston Properties Bay Colony Corporate Center – 950/1000/1050/1100 Winter Street, Waltham
  • Alexandria Properties – 29, 35, 44 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington
  • Alexandria Properties – 35, 45, 47 Wiggins Avenue, Bedford
  • Alexandria Properties – 3, 6, 8 Preston Court, Bedford
  • Boston Properties – 91 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington
  • Boston Properties – 420/430 Bedford Street, Lexington
  • Griffith Properties – 81/83 Hartwell Avenue & 131 Hartwell Avenue, 70 Westview Street, Lexington
  • King Street Properties  – 101 & 113 Hartwell Avenue & 4 Hartwell Place, Lexington