NuRide Ride Share Platform & Green Trip Tracker

NuRide is a rewards program for Massachusetts commuters who choose to take and track greener trips. A greener trip is when you don’t drive solo and instead choose to walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, take a subway, train, bus, ferry or even work a compressed week. NuRide is free to join and free to use and is supported by governments, businesses and sponsors.

NuRide is also a ride sharing platform that can assist with finding carpools, vanpools or other commuters to share your trip. It’s free and easy to do, so join today.


 Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Route 128, look around and wonder, “Why is there only one person in most of the cars? There’s got to be a better way.” Fortunately, as an employee of a 128 Business Council member company, you are eligible to use NuRide for ride match services.


 When You Share the Ride, You:

  •  Save gas and money
  •  Reduce pollution and improve the environment
  •  Establish new contacts and even friends
  •  Create more time to work on the days your match does the driving
  •  Reduce congestion, making Route 128 a better experience for everyone